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Welcome Our Mission

At HOPE Christian School Fortis, we know that you want your child to discover their Greater Purpose and go to the college of their choice. So do we.

We offer a warm and nurturing community for scholars in grades K4-8.  We believe in providing a high-quality education in a safe, supportive environment where teaching and learning are exciting.  The unconditional love of Christ, the goal of a college education, and the growth of personal character are infused into everything we do.




Our Voices Stories of HOPE

Mission Moment 4

This week, Ms. Jones and her K4 scholars are learning about volume in math class. Check out Ms. Jones who has her lesson plans open next to her, ensuring that she is following the curriculum to fidelity, while also engaging her scholars in a hands on learning opportunity to bring the math concepts to life.

Mission Moment 3

Every quarter, our classes compete for "badges" each week. Class badges are earned through attendance, Zearn and Lexia percentages, arriving to school in full uniform, demonstrating our core virtues and more! Congratulations to Ms. Ross' 8th graders who were our Quarter 2 badge winners. They celebrated this week with a Tye Dye party!

Mission Moment 2

During dismissal one of our K4 scholars pulled out her Bible from her book bag. It was her mom’s Bible and she started sharing it with another K4 scholar. Although they were reading the numbers on the page (and not the words), we believe there’s power even in the numbers in the Bible.

Mission Moment 1

Our first graders were still diligently working on their Lexia and teachers were still diligently working with their scholars while pack up was happening and the day was wrapping up.